Limited Edition (Livaldon – Deelayla by De Niro) is the HIGHEST SCORING HANOVERIAN COLT IN GERMANY at the 2015 German Foal Championships! Dreams Do Come True!!

We watch in amazement as a “fairytale” unfolded over the live via our computer as we watched the German Foal Championships live. As an American breeder, it was an honor to just have a colt from our breeding program invited to participate at the Deutsches Fohlen Championat show. But our amazing black colt, “Levi” and his mother, Deelayla, put on the “show of a lifetime” and as the scores came in…we realize just what a special colt had been born. Our colt ended up 5th place overall of all colts in Germany and was the highest scoring Hanoverian colt in the country. We were speechless. Tears and champagne flowed and we toasted my wonderful friend in Germany, Silke Kuhlenkamp, who manages our horses there for us. She foaled out this colt for us, raised him, showed him and made this all possible. A “once in a lifetime” experience and the highest placing for an American breeder in this competition to our knowledge. Cheers to Silke, Andreas, Kerstin, the Schubert family, Germaine & her family and everyone else in Germany that helped make this possible. Truly amazing. Our hopes for him may come true, as the 10th place colt at this show a few years ago was just approved at the Westphalian stallion licensing and sold for 620,000 Euros to Gestut Bonhomme! Complete results of the German Foal Colt Championship online at

July 14th, 2015|